“Cool video”

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“Wow this is such a fantastic, creative fusion of genres”

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“There's nothing better than tea with aliens ☕️👽😃”

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“Cool video and interesting music”

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“I love the creativity!”

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“This is unlike anything I've ever heard... inspiring!”

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Roshel Wesley said; “Rhapsody in black" ... Love this tune, it's pure magic!!” Roshel

Roshel Wesley on www.numberonemusic.com

Stephanie Wood wrote; “your music I play on Repeat repeat repeat”

Stephanie Wood on www.numberonemusic.com

Mui Cheung wrote to say; “wow i'm so happy I found your music... This tune A Dragon is so awesome, so I can play it over and over…It's soooo rare to find good and ineresting music nowdayzzz )))” Thx. Mui.

Mui Cheung on www.numberonemusic.com

Dene Casres said; “Hey, I personally think that it shows that you are more musically gifted if you can bring us different kinds of music than just playing the same thing tune after tune. I like your music very much because of its diversity and you are not tryin' to repeat yourself or any artist out there. I appreciate the creativity you put into your music style.” From a true fan of all your music.

Dene Casres on www.numberonemusic.com

Paige Kelly wrote; “Hi..recently i've been listening to your music…quite often and it's because your sounds really turn me on. I promise i will always…recommend it on my facebook. Have a nice day today and EVVRRYDAYYY!!!”

Paige Kelly on www.numberonemusic.com